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Increasing financial literacy across all socio-economic statuses will only improve our society. There's no reason you should be in the dark regarding financial strategies and tools to better your life. We want to lower the barrier to entry to having a sound financial plan. Join us as we change the status quo around personal finance.

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This isn't an unrealistic blog that tells you to start a garden for food or make your own clothes to save money. Nor are we saying that our investment tips will leave you sippin' martinis on a remote island. We're giving you key information that should be given to all Americans through our public education.

Every newsletter issue will be filled with useful tips, thorough explanations, and interesting analysis on ways to better position yourself financially.

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Americans typically feel they haven't learned enough in school to navigate credit, loans, and taxes. High-school is an optimal time to teach these topics but many are left learning through experience. "Learning the hard way" is the norm, but it shouldn't take a financial mistake to learn about finance.

We aim to be a resource focusing on the key things that must be done once you start your adult life. We will send finance tips straight to your inbox every Thursday. The goal is to increase your financial literacy & help you prepare for a better financial tomorrow.


"Don't spend before you earn." The tired advice you received growing up but doesn't make sense until you're an adult. It is said that 7 streams of income is the goal & want to put you in the best position to always be earning. The wonderful world wide web enables countless ways to increase income. Let's make moves and start that side hustle!

Savings & Budgeting

Building up substantial savings takes dedication & discipline. Savings accounts, interest rates, tracking expenses; it can get complex. We focus on making saving easy with tons of tips and tricks on how you can save in your sleep! There isn't a one-size-fits-all budget; the best budget is the one you stick with! Find the best budget methodologies to make your budgeting easy.


The sooner you start investing the better. Whether you're 18, 21, or 40, investing will help long term, but there's tons of jargon and definitions: exchange-traded funds, 401k contributions, Roth IRAs, DRIP accounts, the list goes on. Understanding these terms if only half of the process; you have to find a strategy that fits you best. You can expect us to bring you the info you need when it comes to investing the smart way.

Debt Management

Your credit score is the golden ticket to many of your largest purchases in life (i.e house, car). Because of this well-known fact, the world of credit & loans should be taught as soon as possible. But it isn't. We want to change that. With the right information, you can use credit to your advantage to earn points, obtain rewards & purchase awesome things without interest.

The Moves Brand: make the right moves.

The Moves brand aims to inform the world of the steps to make the best moves in all the different aspects of your life. We're starting with finance moves because of the impact being financially literate can have on leveling up in life.

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